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Last weekend I used my Auto Finesse Satin from the product test samples. I currently use Meguairs Endurance on a foam pad.

Initial thoughts: It's quite a thin liquid but boy does it smell good, just like bubblegum!

One dirty wheel:

The wheel was then cleaned using Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels, a variety of brushes and Valet Pro Shampoo. The Satin was then applied using a pad, I found the product to be a little bit too thin and easy to over pour onto the pad. It spread well but personally I find Endurance easier to spread as it it thicker and clings to the pad better so I tend to use less. The finish was dull in comparison to Endurance but it was easy to get a uniform finish however it did seem to take quite a while to dry so definitely one which need to be left for a while before driving.

1 week and 350 miles later, through torrential rain on the M62 last Sunday, the tyre looked like this following a wash:


Yes the wheels have been cleaned inside but were "refurbished" by the previous owner and there is some sort of paint in there!

Following a few days of driving the tyres were pretty dull which surprised me as they are only 6 months old. In my mind there isn't much of the product left on the tyre and there wasn't before washing either.
Personally this product won't be making it into my kit bag because I like a high gloss finish which with this requires 2-3 applications over a 30 minute period. If I wanted more of a sheen to my tyres and it was summer this would be right up my street but it didn't last longer than what I usually use and needs 3 applications to get the finish I need.
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