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WE'RE MOVING HOUSE! That's right, from tomorrow 7th November Shiny Towers will have a new address:

Unit LKR04
L&M Business Park
Norman Road
Altrincham WA14 4ES

We'll be back and forth tomorrow moving stock and stuff to the new premises. Until we get the signage up, look out for Bluebell Fitted Furniture - we're next-door but one. Our phone number and email details are not changing, and the Shiny Shop will still exist at our new home - you'll still be able to pop in to pick up detailing goodies. We're going to have a busy and chaotic time over the next few days getting set up in our new home (although Phil ensured that the first thing set up was the kettle), so bear with us. We'll do everything we can to avoid any delays to orders and emails, but it's going to be a wild few days as we set up, decorate and make ourselves a new nest. Allons-y!

UPDATE: Whilst we get set up, the Shiny shop will be CLOSED AT WEEKENDS for the next few weeks - but it will still be open as normal on weekdays. I'll update you all when weekend opening is on again :)
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