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Hey everyone!

Product Spotlights are a chance for us to highlight items you may not be aware of or that you may not know that we sell.

Today's Product Spotlight:

Chemical Guys 50/50 Connoisseur Paste Wax Limited Edition Version 2

Chemical Guys 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax was created in limited numbers for special CG clients, friends, professionals, and car crazy enthusiasts seeking a wax of the highest quality.

The custom 5050 concours formula was designed for perfectionists searching for the deepest shine with unmatched brilliance. Designing a custom wax is truly a work of art. The secret Chemical Guys Paste Wax mixture and emulsification process requires a full 18 hours of blending at the precise temperature to ensure a wax that produces the signature glow that magazines, detailers, and enthusiasts around the world are all talking about.

The most captivating characteristic of 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax is the ability to captures the reflection of colors. When a vehicle with 5050 applied to the paintwork drives next to a beach at sunset, the warm orange tones of the sun are captured and projected by the wax. The true deep blue reflections of the ocean can be seen with perfect clarity on dark colored paintwork. This amazing color capturing characteristic is what has grabbed the attention of detailing fanatics around the world.

Exclusive Limited Quantity Production - Each work of art is unique, that is why 5050 is produced exclusively in limited quantities to allow each piece of detailing art to be crafted with the highest level of dedication possible. Each pot of 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax is individually numbered and signed showing that you own a true one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. When you take your classic car or truck to that Sunday car show, you can be sure that your piece of automotive art is wearing a true detailing masterpiece.

You can pick yours up here:
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