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Welcome to another installment,

This Basalt Black Porsche 997 Carrera 4S Cabriolet was brought to us as the owner wanted to get his new purchase looking its best & give it durable, sustainable protection. So after discussing the look he was after & his available time for maintaining the vehicle, our Modesta Signature Detail was decided upon.

So on arrival we began assessing the task at hand,

Front PU obviously does it's fly stopping job very well . . .

The exterior showing the usual grime that you'd expect as we're now entering the winter season,

Wheels & arches in need of a big transformation . . .

The usual areas acting well as dirt traps, with the tailpipes & cabriolet roof showing particular signs of neglect

Interior had been well used . . .

First up as always was to fit protective covers to both the seat & steering wheel along with a floor mat

So time for work to commence . . .

Number plates & backings all removed

The first step was to give the entire car a thorough rinse with the pressure washer paying particular attention to the wheels, arches & lower areas a thorough rinse to remove any loose debris. The wheels & brake calipers were then deep cleaned with Auto Finesse Imperial & a variety of detailing brushes along with a Daytona SpeedMaster brush for the inner barrels

Arches deep cleaned with Britemax GrimeOut (diluted 1:1) with a large wheel woolie

Tyres cleaned with Grime Out

Once rinsed the wheels were then given a good soak with Britemax Iron Max fallout remover & degreaser

Working from the outside in all the areas that a prone to neglect were then treated with Britemax Grime Out & various brushes, the inner areas being rinsed with an open flow rather than the pressure washer

All lower sections, along with the door handle recesses were then pre soaked with Auto Finesse Citrus Power (door handles areas being agitated)

Cabriolet roof then soaked via an open hose (as you can see absolutely zero protection present)

Deep cleaned with GTechniq W2 (diluted 1:5) & a Vikan nail brush

Rinsed at low pressure then extracted with the Karcher Puzzi 100 (extracting alongside rinsing adds to the durabilty when applying protection)

Then foamed with Auto Finesse Avalanche at 60c to soften all the bonded dirt (as always a dash of Lather was added to increase the foam consistency)

After being rinsed at 60c it was time for a safe 2BM wash with Auto Finesse Lather

& MicroFibre Madness IncrediMitt

After another rinse, wheel arch lips tackled with a Dooka wheel Mitt followed by the initial decontamination stages with Britemax Iron Out (this was agitated with a microfibre mitt after 2 mins of dwelling) and Auto Finesse Oblitarate (wiped away with old MF towels)

A final soak this time at 30c with Valet Pro Snow Foam Combo 2 (this also contains degreasing agents so is ideal for these later foam soaks)

Thoroughly rinsed with the pressure washer, followed by an open hose vehicle then dried with Uber plush towels & Metro Blaster/compressed air for all the water traps

Tailpipes were then transformed using the Britemax Metal Twins & #00/#0000 grade wire wool

At this point i noticed some wax residue on the plastic exhaust trims so this was removed with an ArtDeShine magic sponge

Residue from the rear number plate tape soaked with Auto Finesse Oblitarate

At this point the sun came out & gave me a little glimpse of what lay in store . . .

Once measurements had been taken & a template made the rear badges were removed with fine fishing wire. (Glue residue soaked away in the usual manner)

The final stage of decontamination with a CarPro polyshave disk on the Mirka DA & fine clay for the tighter areas

After drying it was time for the standard Spies Hecker 7010 wipedown to remove any residues that may be left on the surfaces

Paintwork thicknesses confirmed, with the N/S front wing having seen some paintwork

Delicate areas masked up with 3M 3030 tape

Cabriolet roof sheeted up to protect against polish dust

Bonnet badge removed

Bonnet raised with 2" tape cores to avoid contact with leading bumper edges when correcting

Correction then got underway with the Rupes LHR15 & a variety of MF/foam pads

A couple of 50/50 shots showing the extent of the improvement

Some before & afters under various lighting (post 7010 wipedown, all pre-refining)

Roof cover raised to allow better access

Tighter areas dealt with using the Rupes LHR75 & TA50 polishers

Spoiler again raised for better access

The entire car was then cleaned up with compressed air to remove any dust etc, given another 7010 wipedown to check the correction work was true & remasked

Refining then commenced with the fantstic CarPro Reflect polish (very low dusting)

On the Rupes with white finishing pad

Residue removed with the awesome new edgeless MF towels i've been given to test

Pad constantly cleaned with compressed air

After a final 7010 wipedown, the finish was given a final check

The flake had now really come to life

After another thorough clean up, the new rear badges were fitted

Necessary areas were taped up & the paintwork was treated with Modesta P-01A Primer/Finishing Polish

This was applied by hand with an MF applicator

Removed after 5 minutes with a shorter pile edgeless MF towel

The paintwork really starting to get that 'candy like gloss'

During the 3hr curing time that is required before topping the coating the roof was lint rolled

Before being sealed with GTechniq I1 Smart Fabric via a 2" paintbrush (using this method rather than spraying on works the sealant into the fibres & gains extra durability)

All glass deep cleaned with GTechniq G4 & sealed with G1

Protection time with Modesta BC05 Advanced Water Repellent Glass Coating

Each panel was blown down prior to coating

BC05 applied with a Modesta MF applicator

Residue removed after 2 minutes

With 2 seperate short pile MF towels (the 1st feels slighly tacky with the 2nd feeling far slicker)

Each panel was then checked again with the Brinkmann & a 3rd MF towel

Paintwork now dealt with it was on to the wheels with Modesta BC06 Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating (This has a temperature resistance of upto 1300c but is applied via a spray gun so the correct environment & PPE/RPE is vital

Once the wheels had been thoroughly clayed, they were transferred into the booth & wiped down with 7010 before being coated

2 coats to both the inside & outside of the wheel, 10 minutes apart

Then baked at 60c for 20 minutes (60c booth temperature results in 50c panel temperature)

Whilst the wheels were off the wheel arches were deep cleaned & calipers sealed

Wheels were then refitted & torqued back up to manufacturers spec. Tyres dressed with 2 coats of GTechniq T1

Plastic trims treated to GTechniq C4

The car itself was then transferred into the booth for the same baking process as the wheels

Once removed the bonnet badge was refitted

A few of the more intricate areas were then cleaned & dressed

Weatherstrips treated with Swissvax Seal Feed

Now it was on to the interior, all thoroughly hoovered
Floor mats were deep cleaned with Britemax Interior Cleaner & extracted

Leather work steam cleaned with the Nilfisk 51H bringing the following transformation

A few other areas seen to with the required attention

Time for a final wipedown with Modesta M-1Shot Quick Detailer Spray

& Auto Finesse Crystal for the glass

And here are the finished results

A few inside the booth (where it was stored overnight ready for customer collection the following morning)

A few shots of the coatings in action


And finally I1

Thanks for taking the out time to read this write-up, hopefully you enjoyed it if you made it this far as it would've taken you a while . . .
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