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Solving car odour issues.

There are two approaches to dealing with bad car odour problem.

One is to use an odour neutraliser.

Odour neutralisers work by killing the bacteria that cause the bad odour.

However, often in a car environment these odours can come back. This is because the food source that the bacteria are thriving on is still in the fabric or foam padding.

The other is to use an Enzyme Odour Eater.

Odours caused from a bacterial food source are for example from split milk - typically an odour very difficult to remove from a car, but also things like body fluids - sick, urine, blood etc. Weekend cabbies will be familiar with these issues.

Other common odours like tobacco, dog and mould from dampness etc.

Some of these odours can make a car undrivable.

An odour neutraliser kills the bacteria stopping the smell, but if the food source is still present and not cleaned from the fabric the odour will return.

ValetPRO created Enzyme odour eater to counteract this as our product works directly with the food source. By removing the food source the bacteria dies off and therefore the smell is removed.

Our product works while the fabric is wet. It has active friendly bacteria that produces an enzyme which competes with the bad bacteria and removes the food source from the fabric.

One of our cats once brought in a mouse ate it on our white lining bed leaving a bit of a mess. Enzyme odour eater was sprayed on the stain left and you could see the blood being removed. Once it dried the stain had gone.

From a car cleaning perspective I would use it in a couple of ways:

For heavy interior staining or dirt build up I would use Enzyme Odour Eater as a pre-wash spray product, misting over the seats, carpets, head lining. I would then wash the outside of the car. Once I got to the interior the Enzyme Odour Eater would have done a lot of the work of removing the stains or dirt build up. I would then use a carpet cleaner on seats and carpets as normal making the interior cleaning process far quicker when I use the Enzyme Odour Eater.

On the Head liner - Because Enzyme Odour Eater is a pH neutral product it is safe to use on the more sensitive head lining. In addition for cleaning the headlining we also recommend using our Advanced Interior Cleaner which is also pH neutral and suitable for cleaning alcantara.

Odours are Enzyme Odour Eaters’ bread and butter.

Most odours are simple to remove using Enzyme Odour Eater. Removing Tobacco smoke requires a number of additional methods to fully remove the odour. I will talk about this in a future write up.

Please share any thoughts, comments or questions.

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