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Here's my second review :thumb:

Like I mentioned in my other thread , was up against it with the weather.

To date my Auto Finesse wax collection is Soul ( that I haven't used ) and Illusion. I was abit disappointed with the Illusion with the beeding it gave.

So following on from my New Lather Shampoo review, I used the pot sample of Spirit on the passenger front wing and passenger door.

Again looking at other reviews , I thought I would spray the door and front wing to show the beeding of the wax.

But this where the weather helped and the rain did it for me. I didn't to fully get buff the wax fully on the door but I will let the pictures do the talking.

I used Werkstat prime before applying Spirit.

Heres the rain to help :thumb:

Was well impressed with the water beeding and could quite easily apply this all over the car. I look forward to keeping a eye on this beeding and see how long it lasts.

I would have this wax on my wish list. Further to this thread and the Auto Finesse trick or treat offer. I managed to bag a panel pot of Desire :argie: so I will do the same with this and put it to the test with applying it to the bonnet area.

I will post pictures again when I wash the car again.
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