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Here is my little review

First thing i did when i get a new car product....Give it a good smell (not that it is important). The smell reminds me of Vax carpet cleaner.

Next up i taped a section up to do the normal 50/50 shot.

This is during the application

The product went on really easy, A little bit went a long way. I did 2 layers on this section which did make the plastics a lot darker. I only did a light buff on this section.

I left the 50/50 as it is so i can compare next month. I went and coated the rest of the engine which brought the plastics up nice.

I Really didn't use much product at all.

I also used some on the dash, it dint leave a shiny finish to the dash which i was happy with. P.s - I have not hooovered the car yes hence dirty matts :)

It does seem like a nice product, went along way. I didn't use a spray bottle during application just a dab on a cloth. I will see over the next few weeks how it holds up.

Keep up the good work AutoFinesse

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