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Huge thanks must go to John at Angelwax for sending me a bottle of Ti-22 Titanium Spray Sealant to try out.

What is it?

A spray sealant designed to be used after polishing to create a tough durable seal prior to the application of a wax. Titanium has excellent resistance to corrosion and acid. Given this, Ti-22 is the perfect way to protect your paintwork from everything the planet has to throw at it. It can also be used after waxing.

My A4 had recently been fully decontaminated, polished and protected with two coats of FK1000P. I snow foamed, washed and used Halfords Panel Wipe, followed by Gtechniq Panel Wipe, until I was happy that no LSP remained.
The smell from Ti-22 reminded me of IPA. Two sprays per panel and simply wiped off straight away. It really did leave a nice glossy look to the paint.


I was really impressed with the beading from Ti-22

Next I applied two coats of Angelwax Desirable three hours apart and more than happy with the result.

The perfect combination with some very nice beading in my opinion.



I was really impressed with Ti-22 in that application and removal was easy, nice looks, great beading and I used so very little. Durability is said to be in the region of 4 months and given this I will be more than happy to keep using it before waxing. A product that will clearly see much use from myself.

Thanks for reading.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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