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I know it's been covered and covered I've just read a lot of posts on about upholstery cleaners.

Now the garage where I work has the George Numatic which they let me use when I am cleaning their interiors. The boss said he can get me a George Numatic for £140.00 as he won't charge me the vat.

Now today I receive a email off groupon about the Vax Dual V at half price. Now the reviews for this hoover are spot on and it's got the award for which buy.

Not sure what to do now as the VAX is half price for £155.00 with a 6 year warranty.

To be honest the seats I clean at the garage are minging mobility cars and a few cars I've had to go back to again to remove deep stains.

The upright vax would be better for around the home carpets and if the fitting is as good as they say would I be better off with this or the George more sensible for the van thinking of the room.

Any help please guys and gals as I can't really decide here.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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