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Hi All

So here we are again with another great competition -

DetailingWorld has teamed up with Waxybox to bring you a monthly chance to win one of their Fab boxes

So we have got an November Waxybox to giveaway -

Sample pic of a Waxy box -

If you could make a product what would it be ?

(Delivery to Uk only - Overseas to be discussed )

Random winner will be chosen ( answers will be taken into consideration !)

You need a minimum of 10 posts to enter

Closing date 30th November :thumb:

Many Thanks to Waxybox you can find out more here

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I'd create a layered film protection system (similar to a visor ripoff) so that each time your car gets dirty you just peel off the film and hey presto, clean! 😬👍
1 - 20 of 127 Posts
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