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Hi All!

It's been a while since I've done any weekend offers so hopefully this is a goodie... And a chance for people to get their hands a brand new Microfibre that will be released shortly! :thumb:

We did an offer on a new and unreleased towel a few months back and had some very good feedback from testers and customers alongside our own testing... We're now within a couple of weeks of these being available to one and all so thought we'd offer customers the chance to get one early... And free!

Soooooo, any orders made this weekend (from now) via the website will automatically receive a purple 60x40cm Microfibre Towel ABSOLUTELY FREE! :D

No need to do anything or add codes. It will be added automatically to your order no matter how big or small.

Any questions or queries feel free to ask :).


P.S. - We'll be posting a proper intro to these towels over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled :)
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