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Whilst not strictly detailing related, I was looking around the Wickes site earlier for a standard halogen work light on a tripod when I came across this. They are out of stock online but I did a quick check on their website and a store not too far from me was showing having 7 of them. So I gave them a call and they confirmed so of I went. I thought for £5 even if they are no good for detailing lights, they are fine for general working when it's dark.

And here it is:

Garage light on

Untitled by Puntoboy, on Flickr

Garage light off

Untitled by Puntoboy, on Flickr

I'm pretty happy with that.

But whilst I was there I also picked up one of these as they were cheap too.

I'm pretty happy with that :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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